HamLog Import Example

Following is an example of how to use Pastebin.com to import an ADIF file into HamLog on the iPhone. In this example I will be importing an ADIF file that contains three contacts. When importing on the iPhone/iPad, ensure you don't import more than 5,000 log entries at a time, you will run into memory limitations during the import. In testing on the iPad, it could hold about 45,000 log entries in total before issues started popping up.

Step 1

First, export your log from your computer based logging tool. You should have a plain text file, perhaps with an extension of .adi. Open your .adi file in a text editor like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac.
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Step 2

Surf to http://pastebin.com. Copy the text from your ADIF file into the top area, labeled "POST A NEW PASTEBIN". Select a post expiration time and select Private for Post Exposure. This will ensure your post will not show up on the front page and ensure that it gets deleted after the time you specify.
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Step 3

Press Submit. You will be presented with the following screen.
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Step 4

Right-click on "Download" and select Copy Link, or Copy Shortcut, or Copy Link Address, or whatever your browser says.
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Step 5

Go back to your text editor, create a new document and paste that link you just copied. This is the URL you will input into HamLog.
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Step 6

Open HamLog. Here I only have one contact logged so far.
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Step 7

Press tools.
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Step 8

Select Import ADIF near the bottom of the list.
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Step 9

Enter that URL you copied from Pastebin. Another option is to email this link to yourself and then paste it into the field in HamLog.
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Step 10

Press Import and wait. HamLog will download the file from Pastebin and then start importing. As contacts are added to the list, a counter will increment showing the progress.
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Step 11

Press the back button in the upper left and head back to the main screen. You should see the new contacts added to the bottom of the list.
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Please let me know if you run into any issues with your ADIF file. If you send it to me at nwgarner@pignology.net, I can run it through on my side to debug any issues.

Thanks and 73,